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Alberto Vena

4 Dec 2014 News, Team

Alberto Vena

1 mins
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Yes, we redesigned but that’s actually not the only news. We opened a new office in Latina where half of our team lives and we’ve made an important partnership with Spree. We’ve had a great year and we think the next one will be even better. We’re really excited about what will come!


We redesigned both our logo and website. We’ll miss our first brand image but we’re really happy with this new version which describes better who we are, how we work and which kind of services we are specialized in.

The blog is redesigned too. We chose to completely remove the Italian version of the blog in order to make it easier for everyone to write blog posts. Too often we’ve been discouraged from sharing our ideas because of the long time it took to write a post.

New team members

New team members

We are really happy to welcome Alessio and Rita on board. They are both great developers, respectively back and front end. We’ve been working together for some time now and we’re really happy to have them with us.

New Latina Office

We’re used to work remotely but, since we currently have three team members in Latina, we decided to open a new office there. Direct eye contact and real life pairing is always better than remote work.

Spree Commerce Partnership

Few months ago we became the first European Spree Commerce Certified Partner. This means a lot for us in terms of both giving back to our beloved eCommerce platform community and growing our business with it. This partnership allows us to increase our expertise in the platform with exclusive training sessions done directly by Spree team members and to access new business opportunities, wherever they may be.

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