Nebulab's Home Office Setups Showcase

Alessandro Desantis

5 May 2020 Work, Development, Remote, Events

Alessandro Desantis

1 min
Nebulab's Home Office Setups Showcase

We really enjoyed this showcase of Basecamp’s home desk setups, and since our team is also 100% WFH these days, we thought we’d do something similar:

The Slack message where I ask our team to upload a picture of their WFH setup.

It took a while, but I’m finally proud to present the Nebulab team’s home office setups!

Elia Schito, Developer

Elia's home office setup.

Alberto Vena, Director

Alberto's home office setup.

Dumitru Ceban, Developer

Dumitru's home office setup.

Sean Denny, Developer

Sean's home office setup.

Matteo Galliani, Director

Matteo Galliani's home office setup.

Matteo Latini, Director

Matteo Latini's home office setup.

Alessandro Desantis, Director

Alessandro's home office setup.

Andrea Vassallo, Developer

Andrea's home office setup.

Dino Hamzić, Developer

Dino's home office setup.

Michela Frecchiami, Designer

Michela's home office setup.

Rainer Dema, Developer

Rainer's home office setup.

Daniele Palombo, Developer

Daniele's home office setup.

Andrea Iurisci, Operations Manager

Andrea Iurisci's home office setup.

Davide Di Stefano, Designer

Davide's home office setup.

Samuel Martini, Developer

Samuel's home office setup

Mattia Roccoberton, Developer

Mattia's home office setup

Andrea Longhi, Developer

Andrea Longhi's home office setup

Filippo Liverani, Developer

Filippo's home office setup

Alessio Rocco, Developer

Alessio's home office setup

Paolo Tatone, Developer

Paolo's home office setup

Christian Rimondi, Developer

Christian's home office setup

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