World IA Day 2016 Pescara

Davide Di Stefano

22 Mar 2016 Events, Design

Davide Di Stefano

2 mins
Pescara's bridge on the sea

This year World IA Day took place also in Pescara and we had the honor to sponsor this great event. It was an opportunity for part of our team and all the attendees to celebrate Information Architecture (IA), but also to learn and to discuss together about this discipline.

What is the WIAD?

The World IA Day is a one-day annual conference hosted by local organizers in many locations across the world with the purpose of spreading the practice of IA. In Pescara the event was organized by Blikke and Digital Borgo and it was amazing to see so many people attend and show interest in this field even in a relatively small reality. This kind of events lays the foundations to build and grow up solid local communities.

What is Information Architecture?

As explained by The Information Architecture Institute:

"Information architecture is the practice of deciding how to arrange the parts of something to be understandable."

In other words, in a world full of information a good IA helps people to easily find what they’re looking for.


The first of the 8 speakers to talk was Luca Rosati, one of the founders of the Italian association of information architects. He talked about inconsistency between the multitude of channels and devices people are using everyday and how the IA could help companies avoid this problem designing with omnichannel strategy in mind.

In the next talk, Andrea Violante, Design Lead at NiEW Design, spoke about the usability gap between products and services we use in our spare time and tools we use at work. This gap is even more pronounced in the industrial automation field but recently, with the help of IA and User Experience, we’re moving towards a user-centered design. In fact we’re approaching to the fourth industrial revolution (or Industry 4.0).

During her talk, Yvonne Bindi, Freelance Information Architect, explained us the importance of words as powerful interfaces and how we can use them to guide the user towards the achievement of his goals.

Vincenzo Di Maria and Claudia Busetto from Commonground People and Architecta told us about their experience in working as professional designers in Sicily through the process of a project their worked on.

Hoang Huynh and Valeria Adani explained that designing a tourist experience is hard because it’s difficult to identify every variable a user will consider when choosing a service instead of another.

And yes, we also played with LEGO® bricks with Alessandra Cianchettini, Innovation Coach at Cocoon Projects, who explained us in the last talk how to collect useful informations through the LEGO® SERIOUS Play® methodology.


The whole conference was really inspiring, fun and helpful for UX and IA practitioner of any level. Information Architecture is important in these days more than ever and at Nebulab we know that a well-structured content is crucial to create a good user experience.

Every designer, but also non-designers, should known more about this discipline, so I invite you to attend the next year World IA Day in a location near you.

Here is the video of the event (Italian only):

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