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Delicious Coffee Meets Limitless eCommerce

Making good coffee is no joke. You need to buy expensive equipment, source high-quality beans, grind them... The cost and time required to prepare that perfect cup leads most people to settle for sub-par instant coffee, or to run to their nearest coffee shop. Luckily for us, the team at Cometeer had a different coffee experience in mind.

Born in 2015, it took Cometeer six years to optimize their product. The brand partners with top roasters around the world, brews their coffee through their proprietary technology to extract aroma compounds with unmatched precision, and freezes at peak flavor. The result? Incredibly convenient, unbelievably delicious frozen coffee capsules which taste fresh for months and make for a professional barista experience right in your kitchen.

Cometeer developed the first iteration of their storefront in-house, with Shopify, ReCharge and a layer of proprietary technology. When they reached out to Nebulab in 2020, they were ready to come out of stealth mode and deliver on a very ambitious eCommerce roadmap.


Food & Beverage


UX/UI Design



Brewed by humans. Picked by machines.

Everyone likes their coffee a bit different. When configuring their subscriptions, Cometeer customers build their ideal coffee profile: For instance, a customer might only want to receive light roast coffee, while another might want dark roast and decaf. Cometeer, which rotates roasters continuously, uses this information to match each customer to the perfect roasters.

We developed a proprietary system for Cometeer to handle order fulfillment—we called it RMS, short for Roast Management System. The RMS allows Cometeer operators to easily plan subscription fulfillment rules, accounting for customer preferences, coffee seasonality, and stock availability. The RMS uses these parameters to match each customer to the right roasters, dramatically simplifying the product picking process.

As Cometeer continues to iterate on the RMS, the ability to quickly fine-tune the algorithm to scale with different aspects of their business has been an invaluable competitive differentiator and a continuous source of customer delight.


“There’s a lot of people that enjoy coffee. We can make their experience better.”

Matt RobertsCEO @ Cometeer

From zero to checkout—
in one click.

With the DTC playbook evolving every day, it can be challenging for brands to stay on top of new marketing channels: each platform has its own format and rules, and tech teams often struggle to provide the necessary level of flexibility while still offering a consolidated attribution model.

We solved this problem for Cometeer through Direct Links. These links, which can be associated with vanity URLs, discounts, and landing pages, can take the customer to different stages of the conversion funnel, including the ability to send customers straight to a pre-populated checkout page.

Direct Links are a critical part of Cometeer’s marketing strategy: they can be quickly spun up to test new partnerships and campaigns, offering the flexibility to confidently run on-brand, on-channel experiments. And because they are fully integrated into their eCommerce platform, they allow Cometeer to easily track attribution through a mix of first-touch, last-touch, and multi-touch models.


The gift program that just keeps on giving.

As Cometeer’s subscriber base grew, customers started to ask the brand for ways to gift Cometeer to their friends, family, and co-workers. The Cometeer team saw a huge opportunity to not only delight their customers, but also to promote the brand organically by turning their existing subscribers into brand advocates.

In 2021, we rolled out a gifting experience that allowed customers to send a box of Cometeer coffee to a friend. Gift senders can enter the recipient’s details, or generate a gifting link and have the recipient complete the gifting flow. Cometeer also invites gift receivers to activate a discounted subscription.

Consumer gifting was a success, and we later expanded it to cover corporate users: companies can create gifts in batches and send them to their employees or clients. These gifts come with additional controls, such as the ability to restrict access by email domain and redemption reports to ensure everyone gets their coffee.

Cometeer’s gifting program proved to be an incredible source of brand awareness, customer engagement, and organic subscribers, and Cometeer plans to continue improving the program to cover more use cases and include more delightful touchpoints.


“Nebulab knows the power of custom eCommerce. With their work, they took us to a whole new level.”

Zach RuedaChief Brand Officer @ Cometeer

Let’s redefine
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