We are on a journey to redefine eCommerce.

We are the full-service eCommerce consultancy behind the world’s favorite brands and products.

Our values

  • 🫀

    Humans at Every Stage

    We value every individual’s journey, growth, and well-being, recognizing that each person’s path enriches our team.

  • 🪢

    Trusted by Default

    We assume everyone is trustworthy because it’s the most efficient way to empower them to be their best self.

  • 🧭

    Pragmatic Learners

    Learn, apply, and innovate: our cycle for success; because progress lies in the harmony of knowledge, action, and creativity.

  • Collaborative Leaders

    Every member of our team is a leader, and every leader is a team player; in this unity, we find our strength and direction.

Our recognitions

Meet our team

  • gianluca-elia
    Gianluca Elia
  • Andrea Cesare Iurisci
    Andrea Cesare Iurisci
  • Gerrit Schimpf
    Gerrit Schimpf
  • Rainer Dema
    Rainer Dema
  • Michela Frecchiami
    Michela Frecchiami
  • Matteo Latini
    Matteo Latini
  • Elia Schito
    Elia Schito
  • Edoardo Parlato
    Edoardo Parlato
  • Alberto Vena
    Alberto Vena
  • Daniele Palombo
    Daniele Palombo
  • Nicolò Rebughini
    Nicolò Rebughini
  • Safa Aballagh
    Safa Aballagh
  • Alessandro Desantis
    Alessandro Desantis
  • Matteo Galliani
    Matteo Galliani
  • Ryan Woods
    Ryan Woods
  • Davide Di Stefano
    Davide Di Stefano
  • Andrea Vassallo
    Andrea Vassallo
  • Luca Landa
    Luca Landa
  • Filippo Liverani
    Filippo Liverani
  • Andrea Longhi
    Andrea Longhi
  • Daniel Bergholz
    Daniel Bergholz
  • Alessio Rocco
    Alessio Rocco
  • Marco Arduini
    Marco Arduini
  • Nick Belzer
    Nick Belzer
  • Francesco Aiello
    Francesco Aiello
  • Massimiliano Lattanzio
    Massimiliano Lattanzio
  • Paolo Tatone
    Paolo Tatone
  • Christian Rimondi
    Christian Rimondi
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