We are on a journey to redefine eCommerce.

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We are the full-service eCommerce agency behind some of the world's most innovative digital brands.

We employ robust strategy, design and engineering to build one-of-a-kind shopping experiences.

We want to make a new generation of brands stand out through beautifully unique eCommerce presences.

Our values

  1. Transparency

    We act and communicate with courage, clarity and precision—not simply because it's the right thing to do, but because it's the only way to do great work.

  2. Commitment

    We invest ourselves fully in what we do: we stand up for what we believe in, and we treat our partners' ideas, time and money as if they were our own.

  3. Excellence

    Perfection is an illusion, excellence is an attitude. We stick to battle-tested tools and practices, and we choose "right" over "convenient."

  4. Balance

    Our work is a marathon, not a sprint. We work at a sustainable pace and we make space for the things that matter, so that we can be our best selves.

  5. Connection

    Through curiosity, empathy and understanding, we use our work as a means to build genuine relationships with everyone we meet.

Meet our team

  • Ikraam Ghoor
    Ikraam Ghoor
  • Azeem Ahmed
    Azeem Ahmed
  • George Mendoza
    George Mendoza
  • Michela Frecchiami
    Michela Frecchiami
  • Jordy Garcia
    Jordy Garcia
  • Elia Schito
    Elia Schito
  • Francesco Aiello
    Francesco Aiello
  • Christian Rimondi
    Christian Rimondi
  • Marc Busque
    Marc Busque
  • Andrea Cesare Iurisci
    Andrea Cesare Iurisci
  • Matteo Latini
    Matteo Latini
  • Marco Arduini
    Marco Arduini
  • Samuel Martini
    Samuel Martini
  • Luca Landa
    Luca Landa
  • Alessio Rocco
    Alessio Rocco
  • Paolo Tatone
    Paolo Tatone
  • Matteo Galliani
    Matteo Galliani
  • César Alves
    César Alves
  • Massimiliano Lattanzio
    Massimiliano Lattanzio
  • Nicolò Rebughini
    Nicolò Rebughini
  • Davide Di Stefano
    Davide Di Stefano
  • Ryan Woods
    Ryan Woods
  • Connor Ferguson
    Connor Ferguson
  • Stefano Sarioli
    Stefano Sarioli
  • Flavio Auciello
    Flavio Auciello
  • Alessandro Desantis
    Alessandro Desantis
  • Igor Barbosa
    Igor Barbosa
  • Andrea Vassallo
    Andrea Vassallo
  • Alberto Vena
    Alberto Vena
  • Rainer Dema
    Rainer Dema
  • Filippo Liverani
    Filippo Liverani
  • Daniele Palombo
    Daniele Palombo
  • Andrea Longhi
    Andrea Longhi
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  • The Nebulab Playbook

    Our playbook is our manifesto and manual. It describes the principles and practices we live by and follow in our day-to-day interactions with teammates and partners.

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  • We 💛 open source.

    OSS is at the heart of our identity. Through our work on Solidus and numerous other projects, we give back to the community and enable others to build outstanding eCommerce products.

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