E-commerce strategyto cut through the noise.

Through continuous, incremental roadmapping, we deliver shopping experiences that make your brand stand out and drive growth.

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our difference ↘

No matter where you’re going, we can help you get there.

Process is the destination

Process is the destination

They say culture eats strategy for breakfast. We say you need both. Our e-commerce and DTC strategy services are designed to help you establish systems and processes that will keep you on the right path—long after we’re out of the picture.

Chase the small wins

Chase the small wins

Even the mightiest cathedral was built one brick at a time. Rather than waiting for the eureka moment, we test small and pivot quickly. It helps you contain the cost of experiments, build momentum, and gather valuable data. What’s not to like?

Look for insights, not for numbers

Look for insights, not for numbers

Or, as we like to say, A/B testing is not a strategy. Rather than blindly trusting the data, we help you understand the story behind the numbers. Then, we design a cohesive, data-informed approach to keep things moving—up and to the right.

Transforming Coffee Into a Wellness Ritual

In 2022, Rarebird asked us to design and launch their headless Shopify store. It was fun.

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↓ what we do ↓

Roadmaps that keep things
moving—up and to the right.


Figure out what data to collect, how to collect it, and how to activate it to create a personalization program that moves the needle.

Loyalty and Memberships

Enough with the boring cashbacks. Deploy loyalty and membership programs that resonate with your customers and drive incremental revenue.


Put revenue on autopilot by creating a best-in-class subscription experience for your customers and establishing a culture of continuous optimization.

Referral Programs

Happy customers? Help them spread the word with a referral program designed around their needs. You win, they win, everybody wins.

Upselling and Cross-Selling

Launch omnichannel, data-driven upselling and cross-selling initiatives that put the right product in front of the right customer. Every. Single. Time.

Digital Product Passports

Take your Digital Product Passport from a compliance burden to an opportunity for creating customer engagement and collecting zero-party data.

Editorial Commerce

Create rich editorial experiences that are fully integrated with your e-commerce platform and keep your customers coming back for more.

Visual Merchandising

Use customer journey mapping, user interviews, search analytics, and more to create a repeatable merchandising strategy that drives incremental revenue.

Conversion Rate Optimization

Launch no-nonsense CRO programs that give you the confidence you need to make changes and the data you need to prove ROI.

Gifting Programs

Design custom consumer and corporate gifting programs that drive incremental revenue and generate organic awareness around your brand.

User Generated Content

Leverage contextual, personalized UGC to overcome common objections and increase conversion rates across the entire customer journey.

Unified Commerce

Bring your online customers offline and vice versa by blending your digital and physical experiences into a unified brand universe.

our intangibles ↘

You get what you pay for–and then much, much more.


Networking opportunities

The bonds we forge with our clients, partners, and broader network are core to our identity and a key part of our value proposition. We’re constantly at work to identify and facilitate any intros that can propel your success.


Exclusive discounts

As a Nebulab client, you get exclusive discounts on Nebulab products, ancillary services, and partner offers, as well as free lifetime access to our original research and insights—even when we’re not working together anymore.


Workshops and coaching

Sometimes, it’s not about what you do but how you do it. We treat every client interaction as a coaching opportunity. Occasionally, we jump in with targeted workshops tailored around your brand’s unique challenges and opportunities.

“Framework products are all about customization. Nebulab’s team crafted an eCommerce experience that was perfectly aligned with our mission.”

Chris LombardozziHead of Framework for Business @ Framework

Let’s build the next
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