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Designing the Future of Consumer Electronics

The consumer electronics ecosystem is broken: customers’ inability to repair or upgrade their products leads to over fifty million tons of e-waste yearly. Over the years, several brands have attempted to create modular products that could last longer, but repairability often came at the expense of beauty or function.

When the Framework team reached out to Nebulab in 2020 and told us about their vision, we were taken aback by their conviction and first-principles approach to making a dent in the industry. For the past three years, we have been working together on bringing that vision to life in what has proven to be one of our most impactful partnerships.

In these three years, Framework has launched three editions of the Framework Laptop, which was named one of TIME’s Best Inventions in 2021, and won Red Dot’s Best of the Best Award in 2022. The cool part? They’re just getting started, and we can’t wait to help them launch their next thing.


Consumer Electronics


UX/UI Design



Endless configuration. Endless possibilities.

Ever since day one, the Framework team has asked for their purchase experience to be a testament to the modularity and capabilities of their laptops.

We have developed a product configurator that gives customers complete freedom to build their Framework Laptop from scratch, picking their choice of storage, memory, operating system, layout, and expansion cards. Pricing information is updated in real-time, and the customer is guided with insights and suggestions that make their journey easier without taking away control.

Framework operators can completely customize the product configurator experience via a dedicated UI, which allows them to easily support new product categories and SKUs.


“I saw a trend in the consumer electronics industry that was pretty worrying. It was the decreasing level of consumer ownership, and the increasing behavior of treating products as disposable.”

Nirav PatelFounder @ Framework

A brand that speaks your language. Literally.

The Framework team knows that to have a global impact, they must make their products locally accessible.

We’ve built a tailored internationalization architecture that integrates with two technology-enabled localization vendors. The entire localization process is completely streamlined, allowing Framework to localize UI elements, product data (including pricing), and editorial content for different markets, all through the same flow.

Today, the Framework eCommerce experience serves nine countries and is available in three different languages, and Framework’s localization team is constantly at work to make their products accessible to an even wider audience.

The power of community, unleashed.

Framework invests heavily in their community of early adopters and brand advocates to collect feedback and foster conversations.

We wanted the Framework community not to be an island but rather to feel like a natural extension of shopping with Framework. We have designed a customized community portal that offers a unified authentication system and bi-directional sync with Framework’s eCommerce and editorial experiences.

Framework’s community is one of the brand’s main drivers of awareness and engagement, with tens of organic conversations and initiatives popping up every day, and it continues to grow as the brand resonates with an ever-wider pool of consumers.

“Framework products are all about customization. Nebulab’s team crafted an eCommerce experience that was perfectly aligned with our mission.”

Chris LombardozziHead of Framework for Business @ Framework

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