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Blazing New Trails with Huckberry’s Storefront

Apparel brand Huckberry is an outlier in the world of DTC: for starters, they are bootstrapped and profitable. Founded in 2016 by Andy Forch and Richard Greiner, Huckberry’s vision is to be the one and only destination for all lovers of the outdoors.

Huckberry is the epitome of the lifestyle brand: one glance at their website will fill you with inspiration. Their newsletter is legendary among eCommerce operators for its ability to captivate and drive action. The same goes for their blog, The Journal, in which editorial content and Huckberry’s products are magnificently juxtaposed.

That’s why, when the Huckberry team got in touch with Nebulab to continue to build upon their DTC legacy, we knew we had to take the opportunity.







Nailing the basics with performance and SEO.

Huckberry’s storefront is powered by React. While this allows the Huckberry team to implement rich user interactions easily, a heavy reliance on JavaScript-based features made the storefront slow and bloated over the years. This affected the user experience and Huckberry’s overall SEO posture.

As their first project, our team went through Huckberry’s storefront to optimize its performance and implement technical SEO best practices. This is an iterative process, and it’s essential to remember that not all optimization opportunities are born equal: by focusing on the highest-impact improvements, we were able to improve the shopping experience for Huckberry’s customers and the brand’s overall SERP positioning.

This work resulted in a storefront optimized for speed, which served as the perfect foundation for our subsequent work.


“We both loved Mark Twain’s Adventures of Huckleberry Finn and thought Huckberry was the perfect totem for the spirit of adventure we wanted our brand to embody.”

Andy Forch and Richard GreinerCo-Founders @ Huckberry

Iterating our way to mailing list heaven.

Huckberry invests a lot in their newsletter–so much so that they have a dedicated team curating it. It goes without saying then that the growth rate of their mailing list is a critical KPI for the Huckberry team and one that they are continuously working on.

To help them move the needle, we have made several tweaks to the newsletter signup experience. Rather than asking customers to create an account right away, we have split the experience into two steps: in the first step, we only ask for the customer’s email address so that we can sign them up for Huckberry’s newsletter. In the second step, the customer can optionally provide a password to complete the account creation process.

We also allowed the Huckberry team to customize the content and styling of the newsletter signup form based on the time of the year. Customers are tagged based on which popup they signed up with so that Huckberry can personalize their campaigns and offers.

Huckberry Newsletter preferences
Huckberry Newsletter sign-up

Playing favorites, but in a good way.

Huckberry has an extensive product catalog, and we found that customers used their carts to save items they liked. When customers were finally ready to check out, they had to remove all non-relevant items before completing the process. This caused much friction, and we suspected we could lift the conversion rate by providing customers with a better way to save items for later.

That’s how the idea for Favorites was born: rather than hijacking the cart, customers can now save an item in their favorites. The system is smart enough to remember any options the customer had selected when favoriting the product so that moving an item from your favorites to the cart is a one-click process. Customers can also share their favorites with friends and family through a dedicated link, making the perfect Christmas wishlist!

By removing such a significant point of friction, we were able to streamline the customer experience and lift conversion rates for Huckberry’s most loyal customers.

Huckberry mobile detail

Meet community-powered fitting.

Product fitting is one of the biggest challenges for every fashion brand. In Huckberry's case, this was exacerbated by the size and diversity of their product catalog, which hosts thousands of items from tens of different brands.

To mitigate the problem, we tapped into the power of Huckberry’s community. With the Find My Fit program, shoppers can select their size and see how a product fits on real Huckberry customers with a similar body shape.

By leveraging the power of social proof and leaning on their existing customer base, Huckberry helps customers pick the right product fit with more confidence, which results in higher conversion rates and lower return rates.


“Nebulab's expertise and dedication helped us elevate Huckberry’s online presence, empowering us to continue our growth as a leading outdoor lifestyle brand.”

Michael UrcinoliCTO @ Huckberry
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