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Putting Food on the Table with Lish’s B2B Catering

What’s the best thing you can do for your team? According to Seattle-based startup Lish, it’s feeding them. Since its birth in 2014, Lish has served over 3 million meals through its office catering service, helping companies of all shapes and sizes keep their employees happy and well-nourished.

For over a decade, Lish has set itself apart not just through the quality and variety of their offering but also through its customer experience. Through its dashboard, Lish allows customers to manage their entire catering experience online, offering features such as email menus, real-time Slack notifications, and GPS tracking.

In 2022, the Lish team was ready to lay the foundations for their next phase of growth. Looking for a partner that could help them, they reached out to Nebulab to upgrade their platform’s tech stack and launch a slew of CX improvements.


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First, a much-needed tech stack refresh.

Lish’s tech stack had served the brand well over the years, but as the years went by, it was becoming increasingly difficult to maintain, limiting Lish’s ability to respond to customer feedback and keep innovating. Every change to the platform required significant effort and time, causing frustration and stifling the company’s growth potential.

To address the problem, we initiated a phased migration of Lish’s platform to Solidus. By approaching the migration incrementally and working closely with Lish’s business stakeholders, we were able to ensure minimal disruption to their operations.

Once on Solidus, Lish was able to leverage the robust built-in functionality provided by the platform, eliminating the need for custom solutions that had previously burdened their system. This transition significantly boosted their development velocity, empowering the team to implement new features and improvements at a much faster pace.


“Lish was founded on the belief that well-fed teams are happy teams. Our mission is to provide top-quality, diverse meals that bring people together and enhance workplace culture.”

Aakhil FardeenCEO @ Lish

Last-minute buys make for big-time smiles.

Historically, Lish’s platform had required a 48-hour notice for placing orders. Unfortunately, Lish’s inability to accommodate last-minute requests often resulted in lost business opportunities, as companies frequently need to place orders on short notice.

Tackling the issue required a reworking Lish’s notifications system to support real-time updates, ensuring the system could handle last-minute order updates efficiently. By reducing the notice period, we enabled Lish to better meet the urgent needs of their clients.

The impact of this improvement was substantial. Shortly after the rollout of the 24-hour ordering functionality, Lish experienced a 20% increase in on-demand orders, as they could now attract customers that required more flexible ordering options.

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Lish 24 hours service

Goodbye admin work, hello self-service.

In the past, office managers would have to manually gather information on dietary preferences and restrictions from each employee. This system often led to miscommunications and overlooked details, such as last-minute vacations and dietary restrictions.

To streamline the process, we introduced a new employee menu selection feature. Employees now receive an email with a proposed menu, allowing them to make changes based on their dietary preferences and restrictions. These choices are then forwarded to Lish.

Early feedback indicated a significant improvement in meal selection efficiency and accuracy. This feature was especially helpful for companies that provide boxed lunch catering, allowing employees to self-select the specific meal they want to eat.

Lish meals choice

“Partnering with Nebulab was a game-changer for Lish. Their technical prowess and collaborative approach enabled us to modernize our platform, boost our innovation velocity, and deliver a superior experience to our customers.”

Mark PiperCTO @ Lish

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