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Baby Steps to Giant Leaps: Maisonette’s Marketplace Journey

Founded in 2017 by Sylvana Durrett and Luisana Roccia, Maisonette is an expert-curated marketplace for babies and kids, featuring the best clothing, toys, gear, and home décor from independent brands around the globe.

Their unique, high-quality, affordable products made Maisonette a go-to choice for families with young children. In 2018, they had just launched the first version of their marketplace, and they reached out to Nebulab to prepare for what proved to be an epic growth spurt.

Over the next several years, we partnered with Maisonette to continuously elevate their marketplace for buyers and sellers, creating an unforgettable shopping experience.







“When Luisana and I started Maisonette, our goal was to make it easier to find high-quality products for our kids, so we could spend less time scrolling, and more time on the good stuff.”

Sylvana DurettCEO and Co-Founder @ Maisonette
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Marketplace reach without marketplace pains.

Many of Maisonette’s vendors are independent brands that already sell through Shopify. These vendors, who often operate with very tight teams, can use all the help Maisonette can give them when managing their marketplace presence.

In Maisonette’s marketplace, vendors that use Shopify automatically have their inventory and orders synced bi-directionally, allowing them to manage their operations without ever leaving Shopify.

By removing all the friction for their vendors, Maisonette is not only making their marketplace more attractive to the independent brands they love but also allowing those brands to offer the best possible experience to their customers, strengthening their value proposition.

Product discovery at the speed of typing.

Maisonette sells over 65,000 products, spanning several categories and featuring a mix of independent vendors and their private label collection, Maison Me. With such an extensive catalog, we needed to ensure customers could find the right product at the right time.

By integrating a full-text search and filtering engine into Maisonette’s storefront, we created a blazing-fast search experience. The search engine doesn’t just sift through the product catalog: it also offers recommended searches and editorial content from the Maisonette team, for customers needing an extra bit of inspiration.

The same engine powers Maisonette’s category listing pages, enabling instantaneous page load speeds and providing an extra layer of resiliency during peak traffic times.

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Large-scale sales,
low-scale effort.

One of the most complex problems with marketplaces is handling sales for such an extensive product and vendor catalog. The effort of maintaining a large number of concurrent sales can quickly get out of hand for a single marketing team, requiring brands to hire herds of category managers.

To give Maisonette’s team the flexibility they needed, we designed internal tooling that allows Maisonette to slice and dice the product catalog however they want, filtering by category/vendor or going down to the individual SKU level. Furthermore, Maisonette can choose how to split the sale cost with the vendor.

These tools allow Maisonette to manage sales over tens of different vendors and tens of thousands of products, all with the ease and flexibility they need to continue to grow their marketplace.

Maisonette children

“Nebulab’s expertise and ingenuity have played a pivotal role in Maisonette's growth. By transforming our operations and shopping experience, they have driven real, substantial business impact.”

Nolan CampEngineering Manager @ Maisonette
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