The Ultimate Guide to E-Commerce Loyalty Programs

The Ultimate Guide to E-Commerce Loyalty Programs

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With customer acquisition becoming increasingly expensive over the last few years, most brands have been launching or improving their retention strategies, with loyalty programs being one of the top initiatives.

Unfortunately, the retail loyalty space is plagued with ineffective advice, copycat behavior, and nonsensical metrics. We've seen brands mindlessly copy their competitors, measure program performance by comparing members to non-members, and discount their way to oblivion.

In this guide, we try to rewrite the narrative around loyalty. By taking a first-principles, no-nonsense, practical approach to loyalty, we help you answer fundamental questions such as:

  • CheckmarkWhat loyalty program structure is best for your brand.
  • CheckmarkHow to align your program's perks with your business goals.
  • CheckmarkHow to measure the incremental impact of your program.

If you plan to launch a new program or revamp an existing one, you won't want to miss this!